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The Ethereum Vault Connector (EVC)
The EVC serves as the foundational module for lending activities within the Euler ecosystem and beyond. It facilitates the interconnection of vaults within the ecosystem, enabling seamless communication and the utilisation of each other as collateral. With each new product integrated into the ecosystem, it contributes to the expansion of every protocol within, leveraging unparalleled network effects to drive overall growth.


Euler Core
The Euler Core module allows users to lend and borrow the most popular digital assets with unparalleled capital efficiency. Core vaults are governed by the Euler DAO to help manage risk, and further protected by advanced risk management features, including a best-in-class liquidation module, where loans over $10k are liquidated by a market-driven process that is ~85% cheaper than on other protocols. Core vaults are priced using secure Chainlink price oracles.


Euler Edge
The Euler Edge module empowers users to create and activate their own lending vaults in a permissionless manner. Edge vaults are immutable and ungoverned, agnostic about oracle preferences, and designed to help a free market for risk/reward tolerances among users emerge organically.


Integrated across DeFi
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Built for builders
Empowering DeFi developers
Euler lets users deploy their own Edge vaults from the UI, but for more advanced use-cases developers can create their own custom-vaults.
How to build on the Ethereum Vault Connector (EVC)
How to build custom vaults
using the Euler Vault Kit (EVK)


Code you can trust
Euler is audited and secured by the best in the business.
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EVC Audit
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Governed by the community
Euler tokenholders and delegates are in in charge of the management of the platform.
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