Euler Dune Analytics Dashboard by ShippooorDAO

Check out a new Euler Dune Analytics dashboard created by ShippooorDAO.

A new community-built Dune Analytics dashboard was created by Euler protocol’s latest partners, ShippooorDAO.

The dashboard features a number of unique analytical sections that present visualisations of key Euler metrics, starting with a historical Total Value Locked (TVL) and number of unique wallet interactions (users) on the platform.

ShippooorDAO created an in-depth look at borrowing activity with breakdowns of assets, time, and amounts borrowed.

Users can also see what assets have been deposited and withdrawn over time, as well as historical interest rates for the various assets listed on Euler, and when they were listed.

The ShippooorDAO team has really compacted a lot of great information into this dashboard as they also present market governance parameters of listed assets, showing if the asset can be borrowed in isolation, the borrow and collateral factors, and the TWAP window in minutes.

While the Oracle section is still being developed, the liquidation section presents easy to understand visuals of soft liquidations too.

The last section is for the token metrics, which details a breakdown of token holders by amount held in wallets.

Hopefully this new tool can be useful for users to keep track of key Euler protocol metrics. Check out other dashboards created by ShippooorDAO on their Dune Analytics page, their work with Notional Finance, and make sure to follow them on Twitter.

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