Hello 2024, Hello new Euler look.

"Tell me I can't, and then watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong" - Unknown

This feeling has resonated with us and with everyone in crypto for the last two years. As we now see, crypto is coming back, stronger than before. And it's not just crypto making a comeback – Euler is too. 

Behind the scenes, we've been diligently building. Over the past several months, our team has been in stealth mode, developing not one, but three projects. The moment to draw back the curtain and unveil to the world what we have built is now closer than ever.

The same Euler, but wiser and stronger

As we enter 2024, we are excited to present a refined Euler brand that reflects our vision for this year: The same Euler, but wiser and stronger. While the Euler brand still represents our foundational values and who we are, it now reflects our resilient journey and emboldened future.

The newly refined Euler brand includes a new logo, typography, color palette, and website.

Logo Design 

The Euler logo has three parallel lines that come together in the shape of an “E”, symbolizing forward movement. The clean, PP Mori font used alongside the logo reflects our brand's focus on clarity and precision.


Our symbol is a timeless representation of Euler, it serves as an alternative to the full logo when space is limited, ensuring our brand's identity remains distinct and recognizable at any size.

Color Palette 

Our brand palette showcases a vibrant, bright green—embodying vitality and growth—complemented by sophisticated shades of navy. These colours, mirroring our product, evoke innovation and trust, fostering a harmonious brand-product relationship.


Our brand's choice of serif headlines embodies experience and wisdom, exuding elegance and authority. Paired with sans-serif body text, this deliberate contrast signifies modernity and readability, ensuring impactful, harmonious communication.

Looking Forward 

The rebrand unveiled today is just the beginning. We are committed to making 2024, Euler Labs’ most impactful year. The transformative projects that we will launch this year will bring us closer to our mission of creating a truly modular DeFi ecosystem. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our socials, who knows we might announce one of those projects, sooner than you think! 

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