Introducing Euler's New Governance Platform

The Euler Labs team is excited to announce a custom-built governance portal at to improve the governance experience for the Euler community.

The Euler Governance Platform (EGP) is tailored to bridge the gap between the community and decision-making, combining the functionalities of existing apps such as Tally and Snapshot into a singular, user-friendly interface. The Euler Governance Platform stands as a testament to our commitment to simplifying governance, making it more accessible and engaging for everyone.

Why Governance Matters in DeFi

Governance in DeFi is crucial for the sustainable growth and development of projects. It allows the community to govern and grow the protocol, from protocol updates to fee adjustments. The Euler Governance Platform aims to enhance this process, ensuring that every participant can easily navigate and influence the future of Euler.

Euler Governance Platform: A Beginner's Guide

The Euler Governance Platform welcomes everyone with an easy-to-navigate interface:

  • Simple Account Setup: Begin by connecting your existing wallet, setting the stage for your participation.
  • Efficient Proposal Exploration: Discover proposals across Euler protocols effortlessly, thanks to clear categorization and filtering options.

Deep Dive into Delegation and Voting

Delegation and voting are central to Euler Governance, offering a robust framework for community engagement:

  • Flexible Delegation Options: Whether you're looking to self-delegate your votes for autonomy or delegate them to another address for representation, Euler Governance facilitates your choice.
  • Dynamic Delegates List: Find and choose delegates through a randomized list that can be sorted by popularity, activity, and voting power. Delegates can also be searched by address or ENS, ensuring you can follow or delegate to users who align with your values.
  • Comprehensive Single Delegate View: Gain insights into a delegate's activities, including proposals they've created or voted on, complete with their voting choices and any comments. This transparency helps you make informed decisions about who to delegate your votes to.

Enhanced Profile Customization

Make your Euler Governance profile truly yours:

  • Personalize Your Profile: Set a custom bio and upload a profile picture to stand out in the community.

Proposals at Your Fingertips

Proposals are the heart of Euler Governance, and the platform ensures they are accessible and manageable:

  • Comprehensive Proposal List: Access both off-chain and on-chain proposals in one place. Filter and sort proposals by category, status, author, type, and more, making it easier to find proposals that interest you.
  • Detailed Single Proposal View: Each proposal page provides essential information, including a timeline, quorum status, and links to Snapshot or Tally for off-chain and on-chain proposals, respectively.
  • Voting: Vote on proposals with the option to add a comment, provided you meet the voting requirements.
  • Proposal Creation: With a WYSIWYG editor, create proposals that clearly convey your ideas. Save drafts with a shareable URL for feedback before finalizing your submission.

Mobile-Friendly and Multi-Network Support

Euler Governance Platform is designed for accessibility:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The platform is mobile-friendly, ensuring proposals and delegate information are easily readable on handheld devices.
  • Ethereum Mainnet and Sepolia Support: Participate using the Ethereum Mainnet or explore the UI on Sepolia without incurring gas fees, offering a practical way to learn and engage without any costs.

Advantages Over Tally and Snapshot

Euler Governance Platform introduces several key advantages that significantly improve the governance experience:

  • Unified Platform for On-Chain and Off-Chain Votes: Users no longer need to switch between Tally for on-chain votes and Snapshot for off-chain votes. Euler Governance Platform offers a one-stop solution for all voting needs.
  • Clarified Proposal Categories: The platform provides clear differentiation between proposals related to specific Euler protocols, such as Euler v2Lending and EulerSwap, making it easier for users to navigate and understand.
  • Improved Linking to the Forum: Euler Governance Platform ensures that proposals are directly linked to relevant forum threads, allowing users to fully grasp the discussions and contexts before casting their votes.

Community Benefits and Enhanced Engagement

Euler Governance Platform is not just about simplifying the voting process; it's also about enriching the community experience:

  • User-Friendly Onboarding: With an aim to attract more participants to the governance process, Euler Governance Platform features a user-friendly interface and gamification elements to boost engagement.
  • Unified User Experience: By maintaining a shared look and feel with other Euler apps, the platform offers a seamless and cohesive user experience across the board.

Looking Forward: Continuous Improvement and Community Focus

The Euler Governance Platform is committed to evolving based on community feedback and the dynamic needs of the DeFi ecosystem. We welcome everyone to engage, participate in governance, and help shape our roadmap, aiming to refine and enhance the governance experience through active participation.

To ensure the platform aligns with user expectations, insights, bug reports, and suggestions for new features are welcomed through the feedback form. Contributions from the community are crucial in driving the platform’s continuous improvement, ensuring a collaborative and responsive governance environment.


The Euler Governance Platform is here to redefine the governance for the Euler community, offering a one-stop UI that is not only comprehensive but also intuitive and engaging. By integrating the best features of Tally and Snapshot and introducing unique benefits, we hope to reduce the friction involved with governance participation, making it more accessible and impactful for the entire DeFi community.

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